Sunday, May 25, 2008

Playing at the Lake

We have been going down to the lake the past few days. Aaron has been attempting to clean while me and Wyatt sit and watch the girls swim. It is so peaceful out there. We are lucky to have such a great place to go play. Sydney and Lauren met a little girl across the lake and they paddleboat back and forth so the can play. Kelsey will be going to school with Lauren next year so we are very excited that they are friends.

Now it's bedtime. There's nothing like swimming and playing at the lake to make your kids crash in the bed at night!!
Look at the sleeping baby!

Strawberry Pickin

We went strawberry picking on Friday with Aunt Whitney and Hallie. It was a little hot but the strawberries were worth it.

I spent Saturday making freezer jam and strawberry pies. The pies were gone on Sunday. They must have been good. I still have a bunch of jam, the girls won't eat it. Anybody want some???

I'm Back!!!

It's been so long. I've got a lot to catch up on. I have reserved some space to go back and catch up on April events so look backwards. Don't worry, I don't have a lot to say...just take a look at the pictures. I would have said more if I had written it at the time it happened. Now I can't remember so much what happened.

Thanks Brian for fixing my computer!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sydney's Preschool Graduation

Look at our beautiful graduate. Sydney graduated from preschool on Thursday. What a great ceremony! They started by showing a slide show of each of the students as a baby, then in class and then in their cap and gowns. I almost started to cry, but I gained my composure and made it through without any tears. They sang a lot of the songs that they had learned throughout the year, played a song on the recorder and then got their diplomas. We are so proud of you, Sydney! Next year she'll be in kindergarten. How can that be? Sydney has loved her preschool program and teachers and she has learned so much. Lauren will be going to preschool next year, so we'll get to do it all again. I can't wait.
Here they are together. Here is Sydney with her preschool teachers. They were great teachers!!!

May 10, 2008 - Wyatt is 10 Months

10 months - gulp. Whoa. Slow down. Where is my baby going???

Boot Scootin Wyatt

Check out Wyatt's crawl. He can get around pretty quick on one knee and one foot. It's pretty funny. He's got his own style

Papa's in the Hospital

Nanny and Papa have hit upon some hard times healthwise. Nanny has been battling a brain tumor with chemotherapy and radiation for some time now. Papa was in the hospital last week for bleeding in the brain. Pretty serious stuff. He is on the rode to recovery and they are both always in our prayers. Get better soon Nanny and Papa!!!

There was a beautiful double rainbow on the way home from visiting Papa. Surely that is a sign that everything will be alright.

Butterfly Garden

Thanks Aunt Audene for our Butterfly Garden. It was so fun to see the miracle of nature and watch these caterpillars, or callepitars, as we call them, turn into beautiful butterflies.

Since it is the end of the school year and Sydney's preschool has already finished the alphabet, they were allowed to bring anything they wanted for show and tell on Thursday. Sydney decided she would bring in her butterfly garden. What great timing, all the butterflies had just come out of their cacoons(?) the day before. As she walked into the classroom all the kids in her class AND all the kids from the classroom next door surrounded her to see what she had. She was so proud. I love to see her smug little smile! It was the hit of the day. What a great show and tell!!

We let all the butterflies go that afternoon, after school. Now we're on the lookout for our butterflies in the neighborhood.

Swingsets, Birds Nests and TV Stars

Look what Aaron has been building for the last 5 weeks. We are so excited to play in our own backyard. We worried that once we had the swingset put together that they would lose interest but every morning, before breakfast, the girls run out and swing in their pajamas. Then they swing with their friends most of the afternoon.
Poor Wyatt just sits and watches them through the window. We are getting him a little rocket swing tomorrow. I'm sure pictures will be taken. He loves to swing!!!

I love the neighborhood we live in. We have a lot of woods and wildlife right in our own backyard. There are birds, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, deer, frogs, lizards, hawks, turtles, etc. The birds will build their nests in the craziest places. One bird built her nest in an old easter basket in our messy garage. One day while coming and going through the garage we had to watch out for the baby birds learning to fly. Another bird has built her nest in our flower arrangement on the front door. She had one egg laid, when, unfortunately one of our sweet little girls was angry about something and ran out the door and slammed it shut. Well, the flowers fell and the egg fell out and broke. I felt so bad for the mama bird. I rehung the flower arrangement a little more firmly and the next day there were two more eggs and then 2 more. We were so excited to watch for the new babies. I thought we were going to have a happy ending to our bird story but unfortunately something has happened to mama and the baby eggs have been abandoned. Sorry.

Did you see the girls on TV? They went to the Wachovia Championship Golf tournament with Aaron and Papa and the camera found them. We had several people call when they saw them on tv and ask if they were there. That's how we found out. Check it out. They were superstars for about 3 seconds.

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to you all!

What a nice day! We had a BBQ on Sunday afternoon to celebrate the women in the family. The men provided the food, cooked and cleaned. If Aaron is reading this he is squaking, right now, at the word was a cookout, if that makes you happy, and here are the pictures to prove it. We had a very good time.

Aaron and his mommy.
Here is Papa trying to get on Wyatt's sweet side with strawberries, chocolate, whipped cream and sugar cookies with blue icing. I think it's working.
Brian and Connie
Hallie and Jared
Craig and JoyNanna
Jared and Whitney ( I don't think Whitney was too happy.)
Ali and Allan, where are you?

If you come to my house and sit out on the back deck on my newly-cushioned patio furniture and under the big green umbrella, then you will be enjoying my mother's day gift. Seat cushions and an umbrella so mama can be happy watching her children play. Thanks Aaron!!!

My mom was feeling under the weather on Saturday and she was home alone so I went to check on her and brought her to my house for a few days, until she was feeling better. Well, turns out she had the Mother of all Mother's Day's. I want one just like this one for myself, one day. She was put in the bed on Saturday and pretty much stayed there all day Sunday, while being waited on hand and food. Meals, snacks, books, tv, grandchildren, dog, manicures and pedicures were all provided. Sydney and Lauren gave both me and grandma a manicure and pedicure. I am still walking around 3 weeks later, as I write this, with 4 different colors on my hands and feet. Aren't they sweet!

Thanks Mom, Miriam, Sandi, Grandma G. and Grandma S. for all you do and have done for me and my family. It is not until these past few years in my life that I realize the sacrifices that you have all made in your lives. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you all. Thank you! I love you! I hope you all had a very special day!

May 6, 2008 - Happy Birthday Nanny

Happy Birthday Nanny!!!
We always go to Outback to celebrate Nanny's birthday. There was no reason to break tradition this year so went to Outback to celebrate Nanny's big day. We hope you had a wonderful day. We love you, Nanny and we hope you start to feel better quick.
Wait...I thought this was my party.
Look who came to the party...
and look how much your little boys love each other...
Alright, let's get to the presents.
What is happening here???? Girls????
Oooh, I hope it's something good.Happy Birthday!!