Monday, June 9, 2008

It's HOT!!!

Record breaking heat. 100 Degrees. When will it end???

I thougth I would record some of the funny things that Missy Lauren has said recently. There's rarely a question about what she thinks cause she tells you like she sees it.

Last Sunday was Fast Sunday, which, for anyone who might not know is when we go without food for 2 meals and pray for something special and donate the money from the meals we didn't eat to help those in need. On that Sunday some of the young men come around to our homes to collect the offerings. When they drove up that afternoon Lauren came running into the house yelling..."One of the prophets is here, one of the prophets is here." It was pretty funny. Aaron and I had a good laugh.

It's been so hot here. We have been having a heat wave for about a week now, so to stay cool we've been going to the lake lot a lot. Saturday most of the family ended up down there at some point. This story was told to me when I got down there with Wyatt. I thought it was funny. I don't think Aaron thought it was too funny. Anyway, here is the gist of it as related to me.

Allan was in the water and Lauren swam up to him and asked him why he didn't have big boobs. He explained that boys don't have big boobs, girls do. Lauren hit two in one shot...she said..."My dad has big boobs." and "Ali doesn't have big boobs." I think that's pretty much how it went. Allan can correct me if i'm wrong.


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

NO wonder Aaron didn't think it was funny!
Got to love a kids honesty!
And the prophet is darling! Needs to be sent to the Ensign!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

BY THE WAY...ENTER MY CONTEST ON MY PAGE! You never know what you might win!

Carmen said...

Maureen...This is a riot! Kids do say the "darndest" things! ;) lol

Anonymous said...

oh my goshh....that is hilarious!!!

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